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What would you pay to see your child grow up?

Please, please read my story and don’t be tempted to just move on.

A life saving drug is available at just over £260 per day.
(based on the £37mg cost of a new immunotherapy drug and 150mgs is required every three weeks, for up to two years).

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I desperately need £200,000 to help privately fund my treatment with a recently introduced immunotherapy drug. To give me the hope of extending my life, I have no other option!

Although the drug I need, Pembrolizumab, has been approved in America for my rare type of cancer, the NHS have made it available for only a very few patients suffering from a narrow range of defined cancers. After months of exploring every possible way to obtain this drug within the NHS system I have met nothing but dead ends. I do not ‘meet the criteria’ because I do not have the right kind of cancer!! Also, an ‘Individual Request for Funding’ I asked to be put in on my behalf has been rejected by NHS England. I now have no choice but to fall back on the generosity of family, friends, ex-colleagues and kind hearted members of the public.

For thosimmunotherapy hayley crawleye who do not know me, I am a 49 year old married mum. I worked full time from the age of 18, in adult nursing. I enjoyed for a long time the role as the expert lead in Tissue Viability for her two local hospitals (Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill). Hayley was passionate about the care of her patients, people with difficult and life threatening wounds. This terrible disease took my livelihood away from me, forcing me to take early retirement, and my husband Jim to leave the NHS earlier than he intended. We have over 55 years NHS experience between us. We now need our beloved NHS in my time of need.

My cancer journey

On 24th February 2014 I was diagnosed with colorectal (bowel) cancer. My immediate concern was for my son Callum who was just eight years old. Unfortunately the cancer then spread to my liver, lymph nodes and Lungs, despite constant two weekly chemotherapy.

Fortunately for me and others in my situation with highly mutated MSI-High status, a life saving drug is available at just over £260 per day (based on the £37mg cost of a new immunotherapy drug and 200mgs, required every three weeks, for up to two years). Unfortunately, although approved in America and for a very narrow range of cancers in the NHS, NICE (England’s Innovative treatments regulator) have just “suspended” their review of this drug. Until approved by NICE, the immunotherapy drug is therefore only available to me privately, at the cost of over £200,000. My family simply cannot afford this.

I desperately need the great British public to help raise this money for me, as fast as possible, or bluntly, and I am a nurse, I am going to die soon. This will rob me of more tomorrows with my wonderful 11 year old son Callum. He needs his mum!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, consider donating, and if nothing else please, please share my story with as many friends/acquaintances as you can. It is as easy as copying into texts, emails or a browser, the website my friend has put in place:


 A longer version of my cancer journey is available on my web page.


As my son Callum put it:

“Please give a little for a lot of life!”

Any funds raised will go directly to my treatment, or to immunotherapy research if I should not be able to continue.

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