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1. Articles collection in magazine for format (Flipboard – flip to turn pages)

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  Click on link above to go to my extensive immunotherapy articles collection. Over 200 articles are included, newest first.


2. Immunotherapy Research


ACIR’s mission is to providing, free-of-charge and readily accessible on the internet, a weekly synopsis of the key advances in this rapidly developing field. Useful for clinicians and for members of the general public who wish to have a deeper understanding of immunotherapy.


3. Janie’s Immunotherapy Success Story:

Truly lifesaving and now Janie is looking forward to creating many more happy memories with her wonderful son!


4. Bowel Cancer UK – Improving Treatment and Care by making it personal:

From an active charity who have provided me with direct advice and support. Their Chief Executive, Deborah Alsina, is a wonderful champion for all those trying to live well with bowel cancer. Their ‘Get Personal’ campaign is striving to make real change happen for people diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer.



5. Calls for ‘miracle drug’ Keytruda to be funded in New Zealand after life-changing results for a bowel cancer patient

It is not just England restricting access/the chance for precious life! After just four injections Jack’s tumours shrank by half! Previously all he was offered was palliative treatment, without any hope of cure and toxic side effects. Contrast this with: “Now I feel great. I’ve got so much more energy, a new lease of life.” Little wonder he also says; “It really is a miracle drug, it’s given me time to spend with my family.”



6. FDA in America give further accelerated approval to Pembrolizumab


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